Increasing regulation and legal complexity in the digital world

December 07, 2022 12:00 PM Europe/Copenhagen

In recent years, we have seen legislators and regulators around the world becoming more and more focused on digital technologies and data driven business models. 


The EU’s “Digital Decade” have already pushed out a great number of initiatives such as the NIS2-directive, DORA, Data Governance Act, Data Act, AI Act, MiCA (Crypto Assets), Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act – and much more is coming. 


The UK has signalled a more “innovation friendly” approach, but the UK government’s recently published “Digital Regulation” policy paper is no less ambitious than the EU's approach. 


And the complexity increases further when you take into account similar initiatives from the US (mostly state-led), China, the African Union, etc.


In this masterclass, Jesper Løffler Nielsen will provide a birds eye view of the global movement towards regulation with a particular focus on the EU agenda.


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